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Ok. Let me guess, you're here because you have started or are thinking about starting a business and you're ready to take advantage of LLC perks and protections.

And you just want to get this over with so you can get back to the business of your business.

You're also a clever cookie who knows that your business formation costs are most likely tax deductible...

...and you want to make sure you have everything your new business needs for full legal compliance and protection.

And let's not forget - you're also money savvy. You want the best bang for your buck so that more of your money can stay in your business, where it belongs.

If this describes you, you'll want our...

Marble Surface

534 + state fee (308)
49/mo for your business address after your first 2 (free) months
(includes first year of annual reporting)

With this package, we will take care of everything you might need for your new business - the documents the banks want, the filings the state wants, the filings the IRS wants, your annual reports - all of it. Want the full list? Just scroll down to our A La Carte Section... you get all of that.

This is our worry-free, hassle-free package.

But if you're the type who wants to pick and choose your services, we see you, and we've got you covered.

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Not sure what you need? 

We've put a handy

LLC Formation

the reason you're here

89 + state fee (308)

Organizational Resolutions

recommended for clear corporate governance

for LLCs with multiple members


Employer ID Number (EIN)

required by the IRS


Preliminary Name Search

minimize the risk of a rejection of your registration

and the loss of your non-refundable fees*


Annual Reporting

required by the state comptroller

to avoid forfeiting your LLC


Banking Resolution

defines who can act on behalf of the company

required by most banks


Registered Agent Service

registered agent required by the state

never miss the important legal mail


Virtual Mailbox

+ Registered Agent Service

all of your business address needs

at a discount


Virtual Mailbox

keep your home address private

receive business mail in your inbox


Corporate Seal

seal embosser with your company name

used to verify important documents

(e.g. certificates, contracts)


Expedited Service

regular processing time is 2-4 weeks

expedited processing time is 7-10 business days


Company Agreement

required to enforce your liability protection

defines company terms and responsibilities

required by most banks


Marble Surface

One of Everything Package

you've reviewed all of the services we provide​ and decided

you want it all

and you'd like to save 190


534 + state fee (308)


*we cannot and do not guarantee approval of your LLC filing, even if we do run a preliminary name search. we can only minimize the risk, we cannot remove it entirely. the final decision is in the hands of the Texas Secretary of State worker who receives your filing.