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Building an Empire from Home?
Give Yourself the Freedom, Flexibility, and Security You Deserve.

What is the #1 unexpected business hack to:

  • work from anywhere,

  • set healthy boundaries around your home and privacy, and

  • get the boring business basics off your overloaded todo list?

The answer might surprise you… 


But yes, you can have all of that with just one simple, little addition to your business.


It’s not sexy, but it’s powerful, and takes just 2 minutes to set and forget.


Are you ready?

Ooh.... Aahh....


I know, probably the not most exciting thing you’ve ever considered for your business. 


But this is the thing that separates the pro-level business owner from the ingenue (the novice, the beginner).


And the crazy part is that it takes next to no effort to add to your company (less than 2 minutes and we handle everything to make it official).


It actually takes more effort to run a business without a virtual business mailing address.  


So why don’t more business owners have one of these from the start? 


Because they don’t know it exists! That’s it!


But you do. 


You are now among the top 10% of business owners building an empire from home (or wherever they damn well please). [not a real statistic]


Here’s the key to unlocking everything I promised you in that first line - it’s a virtual business mailing address from The Corporate Legal.


It’s a bold assertion, I know. 


But I specifically designed our version of this service to be like no other. 


This service is designed to actively support you as a business owner, not just to provide a simple mailing address. 


This whole company, The Corporate Legal, was designed to actually support you. 


So why would this be any different? 


Here’s what we have in common with every other virtual mailbox business:

  • We give you a street address to use on public filings that require a street address to keep your home address private.

  • We send your mail directly to your email inbox so you never have to spend your precious time checking a post office or other physical mailbox rental ever again.

  • With your mail coming to your email, you can also more effortlessly keep track of important notices by simply sorting them into an email folder (where they can’t be accidentally thrown away or turned into your kid’s next art project).

  • And with your mail coming to your email, you can work from anywhere with peace of mind, knowing you’ll get important notices no matter where in the world you are.


It's a Virtual Business Mailing Address

from The Corporate Legal

Here is everything you can only get from The Corporate Legal.

  • We will receive unlimited mail on your behalf (other providers have maximums and nickel and dime you if you go over).

  • When we receive something that needs to be forwarded via post, we send it priority mail at no extra charge to you because we care about making sure it gets to you (other providers charge you to forward you mail - even if it can’t be sent to you virtually - like that new debit card from your new business bank account.)

  • We relieve the mental burden of keeping up with boring  annual business filings by sending you personal reminders when it’s time to get them done. That's right, we’ll remember for you! But we don't stop there...

  • We will also give you the opportunity to have us file annual reports for you so you don't have to keep up with multiple government websites or decipher confusing government forms. Hell, after we do it once, we can usually handle them for you without you having to send us any additional information!

  • This also means our IP address, our bank and other information is uploaded to these government websites - not yours. 

  • Since The Corporate Legal is owned and operated by a small business attorney, you have attorney support built into every email containing an important business notice. I am constantly working to find new ways to support business owners so they have more time and capacity to work in their zone of genius, and you get the benefit of every new bit of support we develop - your business life just gets easier and easier.

  • And as an attorney-owned and run company, The Corporate Legal offers you the confidentiality of a law firm. Having any business mailing address protects your privacy, but only The Corporate Legal is run by an attorney and legal staff who are accustomed to an even higher standard of confidentiality.

  • And since we are owned and run by an attorney, your spam filtering is next level. We not only filter out the generic spam, but we also know how to filter the spam that looks like legitimate legal notices. We have saved our clients hundreds in unnecessary expenses by helping them filter out these deceptive sales letters. 


I just want to circle back to those top 2 points in this list for a second (because, frankly, they’re about your money and how much you ultimately end up paying other service providers).


Every other virtual mail provider limits the amount of mail you can receive (unless you pay for the premium plan that some of them have) and charges you to forward mail that can’t be sent digitally (like that new debit card for your new business bank account). Some of them even charge extra to scan your mail for you on top of the monthly charge.


It’s a nickel and dime game out there. 


Which means you can’t easily budget for each month.


And you end up paying to get that new debit card or that check your client sent you.


I wanted to change this.


We are not another big box business logistics service. 


The Corporate Legal and every service we offer is designed to actually support business owners and make their lives easier.



Any virtual business mailing address provider can help you maintain privacy, save time, keep track of important notices, and work from anywhere.

But you deserve more.

Because I actually care about empowering people to build the business and life of their dreams. 

Ashley Hymel

the LLC attorney

And I don’t know anyone who dreams of keeping up with their mail, paying nickel and dime prices to maintain it, or doing any of the boring business basics that we enjoy taking off your hands. 


I look forward to serving you and your business.

No obligation trial. First Month Free!

Try it out for one month FREE!
Pay nothing today. Cancel any time.

  • Protect the privacy of your home address

  • Receive your mail wherever you are in the world

  • Enjoy attorney-level confidentiality on your mail

How it Works: We get your mail and scan it to your email inbox. And you:

*This is the actual building where we receive your mail! Go ahead, google map it once you have your new business mailing address.

Do you know where your business mail is right now? 

With a virtual mailing address it'll always be in your email inbox.


Or better question - how many people do you want to have your home address? 

Keep your home address private with a virtual mailing address - the way it should be (building an empire from home shouldn't mean giving up your privacy!).

​And who has time to drive to a post office? 

Never drive to a post office or anywhere else to check your business mail ever again (just take that right off your overloaded to-do list).

Do you love traveling or want to travel more? 

Work from anywhere and never miss your business communications (travel all you want!).


What about confidentiality - is that important to you?

The Corporate Legal is the ONLY virtual business mailing address owned by an attorney - confidentiality is standard practice.

And what happens if you move one day - do you know how to update your business address in all the necessary places?

With a virtual business mailing address, you never have to. You can move down the block or halfway across the world and build a business that effortlessly endures whatever changes may come.


How about keeping up with important business deadlines? 

Don't worry - we'll take that off your plate too. ​Get reminders about important business deadlines and updates throughout the year.

How are we different?

As a business owner, you have your choice of virtual mailbox providers. But you should know that all virtual mailing addresses are not created equal. In fact, we created this service to be uniquely helpful to business owners like you in a way no other provider offers.

1/ The Corporate Legal is owned and run by an attorney. Handling confidential information is part of our regular practice, so your confidential mail is safe in a way that no other provider can promise.

2/ We are not just a scanning service for your mail. At The Corporate Legal we care about helping you maintain your legal business status with as much ease and as little headache as possible. So when you get important mail, like notices about annual reports, we don't just scan and send it - we let you know when you need to pay close attention.


3/ We do not place limits on how many pieces of mail you can receive. Be sure to read the fine print with other providers, because you may end up paying more if you go over. We will never charge you more if you get more mail. And we'll even forward mail to your address when it can't be sent via email FREE OF CHARGE.

IN SUM, we're more than just a business mail service, we are a business concierge with an attorney-led edge to help your business thrive. 

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