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Want 20% off your LLC?

That's $101 off our Essential LLC Package or $121 off our Comprehensive LLC Package.

TX LLC Registration for

TX Businesses

Quick and Easy online LLC registration. 

Everything you need for one upfront price.
Attorney guidance and review at no extra cost.

Because I want every Texas business to have an LLC.


LLC Package


TOTAL $605

$297 + $308 TX Filing Fee

Optional Registered Agent + Business Mailing Address billed monthly

  • LLC 

  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) 

  • Company Agreement (aka Operating Agreement) 

  • Unlimited Preliminary Name Searches 

  • FREE Registered Agent Service for two months!

  • FREE Virtual Business Mailing Address for two months!

  • Lifetime Company Alerts

  • Attorney Review before Filing

  • Attorney Guidance on Important Mail

  • Corporate Governance Documents (Banking Resolution + Organizational Resolutions)

  • Corporate Seal Embosser

  • NEXT DAY filing.

Everything you might need


LLC Package


TOTAL $505 

$197 + $308 TX Filing Fee

Optional Registered Agent + Business Mailing Address billed monthly

  • LLC 

  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) 

  • Company Agreement (aka Operating Agreement) 

  • Unlimited Preliminary Name Searches 

  • FREE Registered Agent Service for one month!

  • FREE Virtual Business Mailing Address for one month!

  • Lifetime Company Alerts

  • Attorney Review Before Filing

  • Attorney Guidance on Important Mail

Minimum legal compliance

Help us celebrate our attorney founder Ashley's birthday! From March 6 to April 6, 10% of every order through The Corporate Legal will go to a nonprofit called Kiva - an organization committed to helping small businesses without access to traditional financing. 

Help us give back!

Compare to other websites

LegalZoom: $299

Incfile: $199

zenbusiness: $199/yr

Better Legal: $299

Tailor Brands: pricing not readily available

Compared to our Essential LLC Package

Shout out to The Corporate Legal. I had been wanting to start an LLC for about 5 years before I actually did it. I had no idea what I was doing and you made it so easy and painless. Thank You!

Emma Sparkes

Hudson Mills 1718, a Limited Company

Easy to use and understand. Quick turnaround on opening a business for a very affordable price. I highly recommend.

Justin Ware

Hold Fast Hospitality LLC

As an added bonus, their virtual mailbox program provides confidentiality & convenience and covers the responsibility of managing mail and communication associated with my business.

Darius Hughley

Hughley Company, a Limited Company

Get everything you need to:

1 operate a Texas LLC   |   2 protect yourself and your personal assets   |   keep your LLC compliant

  • Your LLC (obviously)

  • ​​Your Employer Identification Number (EIN) (necessary to open a bank account, which is necessary for personal asset protection)

  • Your Company Agreement (aka Operating Agreement) (necessary for personal asset protection and legal corporate governance, required by most business accountants and banks)

  • ​​Your Preliminary Name Search (we search the Texas Secretary of State records to make sure you're name is available before filing)

  • Your Registered Agent (necessary for your LLC registration, necessary for personal asset protection, necessary to avoid thousands in a default legal judgment, includes attorney recommendations on important mail)

  • Your Business Mailing Address (necessary for business owners functioning out of their home or a PO Box)

  • Your Organizational Resolutions (resolutions for you (and your partners) to sign to formalize the formation actions taken to form the company. The legally proper way to record major company decisions to if ever challenged in court.)

  • Your Banking Resolution (tell your business bank who can act on the company account)

  • You Corporate Seal Embosser (an embosser personalized with your company name and formation year for business owners who care about branding paper tangibles in their business, who need to certify certain documents as authentic, and/or who enjoy having the bougie business accessory)

Did you know...

The cost to register your LLC is tax deductible. So the amount you spend today will reduce your taxable income on your next tax return.

  • I started The Corporate Legal to fill a gap for business owners who need to pay online prices but want some guidance from an attorney at no extra cost. I am on a mission to see more Texas business owners register their LLC, so I provide free consultations, I have built guidance into the whole process, and I review every registration before it gets filed.

  • this website and service is ONLY for TEXAS BUSINESSES. I am a Texas girl, born and raised, I am licensed to practice law in Texas, and I am here to serve Texas business owners. So, unlike other big box LLC websites, when you register with me, you're getting Texas-specific expertise.

  • When I register your LLC, I have to enter the name and address of a Registered Agent and a business address for the member(s) of your LLC. We provide these to make life easier. If you don't need them, no problem.

    When you fill out the LLC form, you can select whether you want to use The Corporate Legal or provide your own addresses. We will bill you monthly based on your selections.

    Registered Agent only: $19/mo.

    Business Mailing Address only: $39/mo.


    If you don't use us for either, you will not receive a monthly charge.

    Word to the wise...
    Please do not use yourself as your Registered Agent or your home address for either of these addresses. I'm a lawyer. I know things. Naming yourself and listing your home address are bad ideas.


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